The basis of the Open Source movement is the fact that along with the software license, open source code is also provided to the customer.

What is an open source marketing?

Open Source Marketing is a project founded by entrepreneur Ben Hunt. The basis of the Open Source movement is the fact that along with the software license, open source code is also provided to the customer. Thanks to this, every programmer is able to completely customise, change, integrate or even rebuild the system according to their needs. This contributes to maximising any business benefits resulting from the use of a particular application.

Main goals of open source software development:

One of the main goals when it comes to open source marketing is to help organisations and companies work well by providing the best marketing information available to everyone. What are other crucial aims of open source software?

Open Source Marketing is a project founded by entrepreneur Ben Hunt. The basis of the Open Source movement is the fact that along with the software license, open source code is also provided to the customer.


IT leaders deciding to implement open source marketing should pay attention mainly to the flexibility and agility of their company. A company’s agility and flexibility are what sets it apart from the competition. Thanks to the development of technology through open source, you have a range of solutions to your business problems. Among other things, you can keep your IT organisation out of the gridlock. Instead of waiting for a supplier to provide the functionality you need, create it yourself!

Price attractiveness

Compared to proprietary solutions, open source marketing is much more financially viable. Open source solutions provide the same or even better capabilities than others and at the same time are generally cheaper. They also give business people and marketers the ability to start small and scale. In general, many companies have a financial problems and betting on open source development for your team is a solution worth considering.

Information security is assured

Considering the protection of data and information in commercial open source software – you can rest easy. The topic of ensuring such security is not easy and is full of challenges for both the software and platform developer as well as the user. However, the reception of open source marketing in the context of digital information security by the community is very positive.

Why to chose an open source marketing?

  • The advantage of Open Source systems lies in unlimited access to programming code. It can be freely extended to adapt the application to the individual business process.
  • Many companies rely on digital marketing for their operations and marketing strategy and so a very important component in their operation is getting the best marketing information, regardless of their financial Open source marketing is based on free services in this area.
  • The creator of open source marketing himself points out in his marketing strategy that it is a module available to everyone and thus everyone can contribute to the improvement of dynamic content on this field.


Open Source Marketing currently consists of three main open-source systems:

  • OSM Core
  • OSM Professional Training
  • OSM Client Service System

Open source marketing automation

Marketing automation is a key issue when it comes to personalising content and standing out from thecompetition. Marketing automation effectively engages users and customers but implementation by marketers and IT people involves managing their own automation platforms. This type of solution can be difficult, costly and even has a limiting features to a team of marketing staff for whom efficiency is paramount.

Marketing automation undoubtedly has many benefits. Marketing automation has features such as:

Saving the time

Using automation of many time-consuming tasks, marketing automation enables you to increase productivity while reducing resources. This means marketers don’t have to waste all their energy on, for example, building more engaging, creative and effective marketing campaigns.


Wider range of data

Increasing the scope of data gives you the opportunity to better understand your customers in terms of their behaviours, choices or interests.

Open source marketing automation software : Mautic

Mautic is a new open source marketing automation system created by the team of David Hurley, a great advocate of open source. Despite the fact that Mautic is available for free, its wide functionality, flexibility and quality of workmanship (manifested, among others, in a really pleasant to the eye and intuitive user interface) may positively surprise – hence I recommend Mautic to all those who are just starting their adventure with marketing automation and would like to effectively automate marketing activities in their company without incurring huge expenses. Let’s see what we can expect from Mautica by discussing its most important features.

Collecting information about leads

Mautic allows you to store information about potential customers coming to it both manually (data entered manually) and automatically (e.g. as a result of filling out a form, visiting a website, etc.). The system of Mautic also allows the set of collected information to be adapted to the company’s needs, through the possibility of managing the fields available on the lead form.

Scoring of potential customers

I mentioned earlier that an important advantage of marketing automation is the initial valuation – the selection of potential customers of the company. In Mautic, this valuation is done by means of so-called scoring, i.e. positive or negative points automatically calculated for a lead as a result of specific events (e.g. receiving an email, reading it, completing a survey, clicking on a link, downloading materials, etc.). The scoring rules are fully configurable in Mautic – we decide when and how many points should be awarded to a customer.

Mass mailing

Mass mailing continues to play a huge role in internet marketing – and Mautic of course makes it possible. It enables building lists of mailing recipients on the basis of complex, definable criteria describing the leads gathered in the system (e.g. city X, age Y, gender Z). In Mautic, mass correspondence can be sent on demand or automatically (also as part of defined campaigns) – according to an established schedule. The shape of the sent messages is of course fully definable thanks to the built-in template editor.


Forms and landing pages

Acquiring information about potential customers is most often carried out by means of forms and landing pages (i.e. websites whose task is to arouse the recipient’s interest and collect as much data about him/her as possible) monitored by the marketing automation system. Mautic allows you to generate these types of tools, embed them on your own sites, and then track their effectiveness.


I mentioned earlier that Mautic allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing activities with it. A dedicated reporting module is used for this. Thanks to it, it is possible to compare the effectiveness of e.g. particular landing pages and, if necessary, make corrections within the campaigns carried out.


Mautic is an open source system – this means that its source code is freely available. Additionally, the system is equipped with API. Thanks to this, Mautic integrates very easily with other IT tools. Despite the system’s youth, there are already a large number of integrators on the market – e.g. with CRM solutions or social networks.

Open source is the future

Open source is undoubtedly the future of business and marketing in general. Web, mobile and cloud solutions are increasingly based on open source technology. What is more, some analytics are only available in open source. Open source therefore represents an investment in the future of the marketing automation market. It is very likely that future marketing automation software and other systems will be based on open source marketing strategy, as is currently the case for mobile solutions with the Android platform. Also, many web solutions, including social media and email marketing are already and estimated to continue to be based on open source technology.

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